What is SEO (Search Engine Optimizations)

SEO is a process where we improve your website search engine visibility to get you organic traffic, the better the seo the better the result!

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What is organic traffic?

an organic traffic is when your website is optimized for search engine and user search for a query on search and clicks the link from the result and then directed to your website it can be a blog, service, or product that you have on your website.

How does SEO works?

Search engine crawl your website using bots the process is totally automatic you can help them by putting sitemap in specific search engine console, for google it is Google Search Console, for bing it is Bing Webmaster Tools. With this they create there own index to provide specific information to user who search on search engine




Take and example of a library, In library there are 1,000 of book and its data is stored in database on library computer where librarian read all books and record data from queries that usually get asked by readers,  She exactly know which book can give proper answer as she already read all the books. Just like librarian google, bing and other search engine go through your website and create its own index of data and learn what page have what data and how that data can help my user, Google specifically prefer ranking website with unique content and that will help user.

Can you pay search engine?

You might have a question can you pay search engine directly and ask them to rank your website on 1st page? Spoiler Alert! the ans is NO!


Pay Search Engine?

Unlike any Search Engine Marketing service where you pay money to google to show your website on top, in Organic / SEO you can’t pay to search engine to rank your website on 1st page.

This is where Numaro Digital comes in picture where we optimize your website for on-page and off-page and do linking building strategies to rank your website on 1st page

Why SEO is key in marketing?

You Know as trend grows more and more business doing Digital Marketing from Social Media to Paid Ads everything is good but is temporary when you are paying you are getting results once you stop everything come to a stop!


Long term SEO effect.

as a business owner or blogger you write certain piece of content and run ads on the content you get good traffic people may read that content, or you are a business owner selling service or product on you e-commerce store and you run ads on that you get good visits based on your daily budget but conversions are very low and once you hit your daily limit your ads are gone!,

But when you do SEO result come in 6-12 months on duration but once you hit that organic traffic world you sales can grow as high as 30% and those traffic will be 100% free for long term.

SEO is really slow process it take time and it take experts to improve your ranking Contact Us today and get in the world of SEO with Numaro Digital. 

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